Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet Einstein by Mariela Kleiner, illustrations by Viviana Garofoli

Meet Einstein is a joy of a book for children ages 2 – 6.  Its illustrations will enchant young children and they’ll wow their parents and teachers.  Until I read this gem I hadn’t realized how much the preschool world needed an energetic book about light, gravity and the world of science.  Viviana Garofoli’s bright illustrations make science colorful and exciting.  When I opened the book the end papers captured me and I envisioned young children staring intently as they determined the use of each tool from the “rock pick: to break apart big rocks and make little rocks” to the “balance so I can test if one thing is heavier than another.” 
Seeing Einstein discovering new things about gravity will enthrall preschoolers as they view a playground where children go down a slide and a girl hanging on a jungle gym loses her headband. If you need a gift for any young child, buy this book – they won’t have anything like it.  And for parents there are clever facts and questions to ask so they can keep up with the kids. Donate a copy to your library and help encourage children to believe that science is cool and “maybe one day you will be a scientist too.” 
Summing it up: I absolutely adore this ode to light, gravity and science that made me run in search of preschoolers so I could share its color-filled illustrations and excitement. Children will beg to read this charming concept book.
Rating: 5 stars     
Category: Peanut Butter and Jelly

Publication date: March 1, 2011

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ForeWord says: “it’s cool indeed.”

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